The Only 10-in-1
Kitchen Appliance You'll Ever Need

Innovative AlphaAir Technology

Alpha is engineered to quietly produce a powerful airflow of high heat that produces perfectly cooked meals, every time. Enjoy crispy, juicy, and tender food with every bite. Air fry guilt-free favorites with up to 90% less fat than traditional frying methods.

Smart Cooking System

Perfectly Crispy Results Every Time!

Alpha's smart cooking system is complete with time and temperature control. It ensures even heat distribution from start until the end and leaves you with juicy yet crispy results.

Uninterrupted Cooking with Alpha Memory

Need to add some extra seasoning or sear the other side? Simply open Alpha, do what you need to do and close it. With Alpha Memory, you'll continue from where you left off without having to reprogram Alpha all over again.

Best of Both Worlds:
Air Fry & Air Grill